new david jone tailor, THe Bespoke tailor in patong, phuket

Sthings to do in thailand

new david jone Fashion, the bespoke tailor of patong, phuket

it don't have to be expensive

If you didn't know what a suit looks like on yourself I would tell you very much.

A suit made in China, Vietnam or Thailand when you're a novice is a disaster formula.

You must be able to lead and tell the tailor exactly how the suit is going to be and how to fix certain things with the first / second / third fit. The expert must be YOU if you look for a cheap suit.

Give a good copy

If your current suit is what could be called very good or perfect fitting, give it to us to copy.


Tell us: Fabric options (outside suit) Option of design (inside) Minimal or no shapes on the shoulders Cut the whistle (I think you are in decent form) Peaked or notched lapels Potted flaps Plenty of break on the trousers (so the customs can be changed by a tailor)

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